Holiday rentals in Lloret del Mar

LLoret del Mar


Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you want to go to Spain to stay active? To try out new activities? You've chosen the right place by opting for Lloret del Mar ! Alone, with friends, or with family, you'll be able to engage in numerous sports, regardless of your level and preferences. Enjoy the Spanish waves, underground discoveries, and the feeling of being on top of the world...


Water Activities

The Costa Brava in Spain attracts water sports enthusiasts. One of the must-try activities is undoubtedly scuba diving. The marine life will surprise you. Moonfish, tuna, octopuses... numerous fish await discovery and observation, all in the utmost respect. With a bit of luck, you may also spot some coral.

Back on the surface, continue your encounters with the local fauna. In Lloret del Mar, providers offer excursions to see dolphins, exotic fish, and birds.

Feeling adventurous? Opt for kayaking! An outing that allows you to discover landscapes like never before. The cliffs of Lloret del Mar are much more impressive when passing by them at the bottom. Avoid the rocks, take the descents, and adventure is guaranteed! It's also possible to venture into the open sea pulled by a jet ski. With friends, you can try the banana boat, guaranteed laughter! Who won't fall? The challenge is on! It's also possible to soar into the air... from the water's surface. How? By trying out flyboarding! Will you manage to take off? The most skilled can try a little trick in the air. Ready?

For a calmer experience, you can rent a paddleboard in Lloret del Mar and glide through the water paddling offshore. Standing on the water, this sport provides a very pleasant sensation and allows you to enjoy the calm of the water.


On Land

If we tell you 27 km² of forests? You think of hiking, obviously! To wake up in the morning, to digest after meals, you can take a trail for a short stroll. Avid hikers will find their happiness with about ten marked and maintained paths, including the famous GR 92-2. The Caulès route and its 31 km or the Montbarbat route and its 22.5 km will allow the most enduring to surpass themselves. Another essential route, the Lloret del Mar - Caulès Hermitage - Vidreres route, totaling 21.4 km. Shorter but equally nice with its magnificent landscape, the route of the Lloret del Mar beaches walk will delight those who prefer shorter hikes with its 9 km length.

And if you take advantage of your stay in Lloret de Mar, Spain, to discover the joys of golf? In addition to spending time outdoors in an idyllic setting, this sport is good for cardiovascular health, blood pressure, and is said to reduce stress. Many good reasons to give it a try. The Pitch & Putt golf course is waiting for you to learn the basics and have fun. A bit further away, about twenty minutes, you can practice at the PGA Catalunya golf course.


Holidays to Gain Altitude

Not far from your villa rental in Lloret de Mar, you can have a unique experience and thrilling sensations. Does parasailing speak to you? Towed by a boat, you start to rise into the air, the water and bathers quickly recede. Enjoy the view, landscapes, the sensation of speed, the air... Paragliding is also a highly popular sport in Lloret del Mar. The ideal opportunity to give it a try. It's the holidays, time to do the unimaginable and surpass yourself.

After discovering the beautiful landscapes during a hike, a kayaking outing in Lloret de Mar, climb into a helicopter and take a tour above the Costa Brava. The landscapes will reveal themselves differently, even more beautiful! A bit more authentic, hot air ballooning can also be reserved during your vacation in Lloret de Mar.

Going to Spain means adventure? Then the Costa Brava is the right choice. Take on the Cala del Molí via ferrata, in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, about thirty minutes drive from Lloret del Mar. In Spain, it is among the most sensational and beautiful. This is partly because it is located above the water. The bravest move along the walls of orange granite and quartz. The landscapes unfold as you progress, and the adrenaline gradually rises.


What to Do in Lloret del Mar and Surroundings in Rainy Weather?

Rain will not spoil your vacation! On the contrary, focus on indoor activities. A game of bowling will be appreciated by the whole family or all friends. To perfect your Spanish, go see a movie at the cinema and continue with a local meal in a restaurant in Lloret de Mar, Spain. Ideal for discovering local culture. Are you a gamer? Are you known for your legendary luck? Then the Grand Casino Costa Brava in Lloret del Mar is made for you! As a renowned seaside resort, Lloret de Mar offers a complete range of indoor activities to entertain both young and old. And the good news is that on the Costa Brava, the sun quickly chases away the rain!